BWD P&Q: Miso-Maple Loaf

Here’s the place to leave any questions or comments for the group on the Miso-Maple Loaf, our first recipe from Baking with Dorie.

I’ll put up our LYL post on October 19, but in the meantime, feel free to let us know how your baking goes! If you can’t access the recipe, please get in touch with me (

So looking forward to the 19th!!

7 thoughts on “BWD P&Q: Miso-Maple Loaf

    • i don’t taste it as a distinct flavor (i definitely wouldn’t be able to pick it out as the “secret ingredient”)…more like a savory note. i had some frozen yuzu zest, so i used that in place of the orange, and that’s the flavor i notice the most in mine

    • We could not taste the miso or really even the maple. That said, it could possibly be because I zested the heck out of the largest orange I could get my hands on…you know, Citrus is Best! It is delicious!

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