BWD LYL: Miso-Maple Loaf

Here we go again! This is the place to leave a link to your blog (or Instagram, if you are participating only that way) post for the Miso-Maple Loaf, our first recipe from Baking with Dorie!

If you haven’t seen the beautiful book IRL yet, Dorie mentions her appreciation for TWD (which special perfect attendance props to member Mardi!!) in the acknowledgements section. She’s so very nice. If you post to Instagram, don’t forget to tag @doriegreenspan, #bakingwithdorie and #tuesdayswithdorie so she (and we) can all see.

Thank you everyone for being excited to keep this going with another book…Dorie has so many wonderful things for us to bake! And thank you always to Laurie W. for starting the TWD fun all the way back in 2008 with Baking From my Home to Yours! xoxo


36 thoughts on “BWD LYL: Miso-Maple Loaf

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  3. Hi, everyone. Iam new here and am excited to be baking along with you all. I do not have a blog. But, I am on Instagram and will post my progress. I made the miso cake and lived it! I do have a question, though. How do I know what the next recipes will be that we will be covering? Thank you!

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  5. Hello everyone! Years ago I cooked along with Around My French Table until we moved across the country to a house temporarily without a kitchen. My blogging skills are rusty. I am googling to try to figure out how to share my instagram post. First step will probably be to turn off my privacy settings. It may be easier to wake up my blog. Please let me struggle along for a few weeks😂. I am so excited to be baking with you guys. This was a nice loaf. I got more orange and maple flavor with hints of something that I probably would never have identified if I hadn’t added it myself…

  6. Hi! I participated in Around My French Table too! It’s so fun to rejoin the group for more of Dorie’s great recipes. What a great time for a wonderful new collection of recipes to explore. I’ll be sharing to my IG account as well @littlefrenchbakery if my fellow BWD would like to follow me there.

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