BWD: November Nominations

Thank you so much for sharing your loaf cakes yesterday– it’s a lot of fun to see so many friends come back together to celebrate this new book!

It’s time to start thinking about next month’s baking, but I know not everyone has a copy of Baking with Dorie yet. There are several recipes that are already available via other sources (some were originally published with slightly different titles, but the recipes are the same), and I think this coming month we should stick to things we can all access. I’ll list several options below…please comment which two you’d like to bake in November:

-English Muffins, p 24 (Food52)
-Breakfast-in-Rome Lemon Cake, p 76 (Dorie)
-Lisbon Chocolate Cake, p 133 (NYT)
-One Big Break-Apart Chipper, p 152 (Food52)
-World Peace Cookies 2.0, p 160 (King Arthur)
-Mokonut’s Rye-Cranberry Chocolate Chunk Cookies, p 163 (NYT)
-Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti, p 203 (NYT)
-Szarlotka, p 254 (The Providence Journal)
-Apple Pandowdy, p 257 (Garden & Gun)

The NYT recipes are behind a paywall; although you can find them elsewhere if you look them up, I’m also happy to send them to anyone who needs them if they are chosen.

We’ll post from Baking with Dorie on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month (11/9 and 11/23). You decide the order in which you bake them.


23 thoughts on “BWD: November Nominations

  1. I’d like to join in! I just received my copy of Baking with Dorie – it’s beautiful. My picks for November would be Apple Pandowdy and English Muffins.

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