DC: April Recipes and P&Q

We do have a Rewind coming up this Tuesday, but for April, we’ll go with Mardi’s suggestions:

Almond Crackle Cookies, p 176
Espresso Chocolate Sablés, p 338

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month (4/5 and 4/19).

This post will also double as our P&Q, so if you have any questions or advice, leave it all right here!


3 thoughts on “DC: April Recipes and P&Q

  1. Has anyone made the Almond Crackle Cookies yet? I have made them twice and neither time do they look like the ones in the book, mine do not have that color at all, I am afraid to cook them longer as they seem to just deepen in the rather grayish color. Any tips?

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