Our Secret Ingredients : Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

Tender Crumb

Not sure what it is about raw sugar on top of a dessert that makes me crave it. The most humble of treats suddenly looks like it’s been turned into precious gems, which is cheesy but true. There’s no cheese in this though.

Nothing but cobbler dumplings and prodigous amounts of tart goodness. Not that you’d want anything else, now would you?



Whisk: A Food Blog

Ah, it’s that time of year again when the humble farmer plants his crop of… errr… cobbler. Y’all didn’t know this is where it came from? You thought somebody baked it? Silly people, here is proof that cobbler is  cultivated.

Cherry Rhubarb CobblerShe picked these by hand you know, hours of back breaking work in the fields just to bring these treats to you. Show some love y’all, and get the poor woman a mint julep. You know, in case she wants to go to the… Kentucky Derby… or something. It made a lot more sense in my head.

Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

Engineer Baker

Because nerds bake too. Oh yes, we do. If you want proof of that,look no further than below this first pic.

Baking spreadsheets for all! How can you not love this? She should be forced to make these for every recipe, and distribute them out before hand so that those of us who suck at it will no longer sob pitifully. Like chained to the computer.


You have to love any woman who can get down and nerdy, and do a fair imitation of Betty Crocker with this delicious snack.


Our Secret Ingredients : Chocolate Pudding

Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude

It was a landslide vote this week y’all, with our new guy Mike making a real splash! Errrr, make that a spill…

It started off a bit lumpy, you can’t deny it. Our hero was set upon from every side by leaky food processors, a few depth perception issues… and an attention span not unlike mine for reading the recipes. The phrase chocolate porridge scares me a little.

Ahhh! The pudding-anity!

Don’t worry, he rolled up his sleeves and had at the mischievous pudding one more time. Victory was his! Nice job Mike, you really pulled through and we know the lucky girlfriend will be impressed.

Prudence Pennywise

When life gives you pudding, make ice cream! That’s how the saying goes ain’t it? This leaves me with the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, turn it into pudding or churn it in the ice cream maker. How can y’all do this to me?

With Dorie agreeing that it was a great idea, Erin forged (froze?) ahead and turned this into a perfect cone that, as she pointed out, ends up being no drip because it melts into pudding. Ingenious Erin!

Meet Me In The Kitchen

A little 1% milk makes Mary Ann’s pudding a bit less guilt free (and I could use a lot less guilt in my life for one!), and if that wasn’t enough she found a perfect way to top it off! Chocolate covered sunflower seeds, could you want anything better?

Some people took that extra yum and went for whipped cream as a cushion for the seeds. Others liked theirs nekkid, but this is a family blog and I ain’t putting up pics of that. You’ll have to go read about it all on her site, and get a peek at the attack of the kids on the defenseless treat!

Quirky Cupcake

It’s a good thing that I’m the obnoxious writer of this feature, and not Laurie. Why you ask? Fearless Leader would’ve ignored the votes for herself in a scandelous way and her pudding would not be up here. (She does however cheerfully volunteer to help me out when this stupid Florida allergy head cold thing kicks my butt)

The same creation that when it didnt set she put into the ice cream maker to end up with this luscious, creamy dessert.

She didn’t stop with the ice cream, she added brownies to it. Brownies in the ice cream, which is my fav ice cream of all time. Is there anything sexier than this?

Yes. This is sexier. She’ll be yelling at me for putting this up, but it was on her blog and that’s where I get the pics from and I do what I want so there. Hah! Fearless leader, in all her pudding eating lucious glory.

Our Secret Ingredients And The Vacation They Went On

Ahem. As y’all have noticed, I’m very behind on the OSI’s. Which means we’re all playing a little game now called Let’s Pretend They Went To The Beach Or Something And Had A Lovely Time And Are Now Back. The truth involves an immune system that betrayed an innocent girl and some mutinous sinuses, and there are details involving bodily fluids and cranky slacker behaviour you don’t want to know about on a food blog. Therefore, they’re starting up again with the wonderful pudding!

As always, nominate your fav blogs and those who don’t get talked about enough and those that are funny and those that flopped spectacular and those that were amazing and those who are blackmailing you to nominate them, and tell me right here their URLs so I can feature the top 3 (or however many tie) as this week’s Our Secret Ingredients!

Nominate here.

Our Secret Ingredients : French Chocolate Brownies

Yeah yeah yeah, here’s your brownies you slave drivers! A little late. Ahem.

Fool For Food

A rose by any other name is a brownie? This is the sort of elegance I dream about bringing to my food. This is the kind that will never happen because I shove the brownies in my face. Thank goodness Claudia has way more patience and class than me! Ain’t this one of the prettiest things y’all have ever seen?


Dianne’s Dishes

Once upon a time there was a brownie. It was a humble brownie, content to cheerfully face the world in a modest little floral print and ruffles. It lived it’s wholesome life in sweet simplicity until one day…

French Chocolate Brownies

…the innocent brownie was lured into the scandalous world of naughty food photography! Flattered by those of unscrupulous intentions, the brownie’s good judgement was lost and soon found itself showing off it’s crumb and raisins with shameless poses like this.

The Inside

The brownie was now a wiser confection, decadent in lusciouscream cheese and all grown up. A touch of spice, elegant and alluring with that irresistible aura of innocence lost.

Kicked Up A Notch

Whisk : A Food Blog

What y’all don’t understand is how risky this feature writing can be. There I was, minding my own business when I was cuted! These brownies jumped out at me and assaulted me with first degree adorability!

French Chocolate Brownie Popsicles

It’s embarrassing, I lose all ability to be witty around these (not that I was in the first place but go with me here). They turn me into a squeaking little girl, who wants nothing more than to tug on Shari’s apron yelling “Mine! Mine!”

French Chocolate Brownie Popsicles

Here they are again. Y’all wonder if I needed this many pics to make the point. No. Not really. They made me post them. They held me at spatula point and threatened my cat! There should be hazard pay for this job.

French Chocolate Brownie Popsicles

Carrie’s Kitchen Creations

Fudge. Fudge Fudge Fudge. Fudge. Also, Fudge. What else do y’all want me to say about these?



Our Secret Ingredients : Pecan Honey Sticky Buns

Baked Alaska

 No oven. That’s enough to make most people with a lick of common sense send in an email explaining why they can’t do the TWD this week. It would be enough to make me swear off thwhole month, and burst into tears if anybody even mentioned baking to me! Fortunately for us, Amy ain’t got good scents at all!

(Get it? She can’t smell, no good scents… oh forget it.)

She fixed them in a cast iron skillet. How resourceful is that? Don’t they look adorable all snuggled in together?

   Oh sure, it got a little smokey. Things were a little crispier than she had planned, but you can’t top a woman with this kind of perseverance. The week after this she made brownies in the crockpot. Amy sugah, you win the TWD Against All Odds Award!


 Quirky Cupcake

 She started it all. She works her butt off. You all know and love her (you better love her, because we have rolling pins and we ain’t afraid to swing at your kneecaps). It’s Laurie, our founder!

Don’t she have sexy buns?

 The puddles of gaze make me want to lick the pan. Hers is another story about perseverance, her dough decided to take it’s sweet time about rising. She even went to the store to get more yeast and butter, which is of course when the dough decided to do it’s thing. Dough is very bratty.

 Don’t y’all love the different variations in one batch? This is a great idea for a large family, or if you were having guests. Thank you for the demonstration chick, you’re so smart!


The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Is it food, or a decoration? To be honest, when she bakes I can’t really tell the difference. These pretty treats are so far from my thrown together, falling over desserts they might as well be from two different planets. (Y’all don’t think she’s an alien, do you?)


The before pictures look as good as the after, leaving you seething with the sort of envy you get watching some perfect model chick get a make over.

Her pecans even stay where they’re told to! A few fall, but in that casually elegant way. Like the aforementioned model’s messy updo. Yep, she’s an alien.