BWD: What’s Left

White Bread, p 11
Whole Wheat and Flax Daily Bread, p 15
Twist Bread, p 21
Brioche, p 28
Brioche Sticky Buns, p 31
Brioche Sandwich Buns, p 34
Cheese-Swirl Babka Buns, p 38
Tender Biscuits, p 42
Potato Flake Biscuits, p 43
Blueberry Biscuits, p 49
Cheddar-Scallion Scones, p 54
Lemony Yogurt Muffins, p 62
Pecan-Cranberry Loaf, p 73
Morning Bundt Cake, p 74
Breakfast-in-Rome Lemon Cake, p 76
Buttermilk-Molasses Quick Bread, p 82
Banana Breakfast Squares, p 84

Devil’s Food Party Cake, p 89
A Big Banana Cake, p 92
Lemon Meringue Layer Cake, p 95
Double-Decker Salted Caramel Cake, p 99
Coconut-Milk-Chocolate Marble Cake, p 108
Strawberry-Rhubarb Squares, p 112
Chunky Lemon Cornmeal Cake, p 114
Apricot and Pistachio-Olive Oil Cake, p 116
Orange Spice Cake, p 119
Lamingtons, p 127
The Everything Cake, p 129
Lisbon Chocolate Cake, p 133
Jelly Roll Cake, p 135
Marbled Cheesecake, p 139

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, p 151
Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Paris Style, p 155
Mary Dodd’s Maple-Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, p 158
World Peace Cookies 2.0, p 160
Copenhagen Rye Cookies with Chocolate, Spice and Seeds, p 166
Oatmeal Cookies with Nuts and Chocolate, p 168
Caramel Crunch-Chocolate Chunklet Cookies, p 170
Devil’s Thumbprints, p 173
Trufflish Nuggets, p 179
Coffee Shortbread, p 180
Tenderest Shortbread Four Ways, p 183
Biscuits Rose, p 185
Rugelach with Four Fillings, p 189
Pistachio-Matcha Financiers, p 192
Tea and Honey Madeleines, p 195
Iced Spiced Hermits, p 197
Cocoa-Cornmeal Biscotti, p 203
Park Avenue Brownies, p 205
Olive-Oil Brownies, p 208
Brown-Sugar Oat Squares, p 210

Two Perfect Little Pastries
Cream Puffs with Crackle and Cream, p 217
Chocolate-Tipped Cream-Puff Pocky Sticks, p 223
Chocolate Eclairs, p 226
Gouda Gougères, p 229
Meringue Snackers, p 253
Little Marvels, p 237
Parfait-Layered Vacherin, p 239

Pies, Tarts, Cobblers and Crisps
Mulled-Butter Apple Pie, p 245
Apple Galette, p 248
Szarlotka, p 254
Tarte Tatin, p 261
Cottage Berry Cobbler, p 263
Double-Pear Picnic Pie,  p 266
My Favorite Pumpkin Pie, p 272
Maple-Walnut Pie, p 274
Strawberry Cheesecake-Chocolate No-Bake Pie, p 278
Rhubarb-Bottom, Strawberry-Top Tart, p 283
Cocoa-Cranberry Linzer Tart, p 285
Alsatian-Style Blueberry Tart, p 289
Double-Chocolate Rhubarb Tart, 290
Parisian Custard Tart, p 292
Candied Almond Tart, p 295

Salty Side Up
Goat Cheese-Black Pepper Quick Bread, p 305
Fig and Goat Cheese Tart, p 313
Free-Style Mushroom, Herb and Ricotta Tart, p 315
Vegetable Ribbon Tart, p 319
Ricotta-Tomato Tart, p 321
Spinach-Mozzarella Pie with Parm Crumble, p 325
Clam Chowder Pie, p 326
Double-Corn Tomato Crisp, p 329
Custardy Apple and Kale Cake, p 334