Updated: In search of a helper…

As much as I hate asking for it, I need help. I spent the last few weeks hardcore stressing over some health issues. Everything turned out fine, scans are good. Whew. But, TWD is the last thing I was thinking about. (This is why the LYL did not get posted and I apologize.)  With 3 kids, one who has special needs, I just can’t remember everything all the time. I hate to say it, I need help! You guys are being mistreated and you deserve better.

With that said, would anyone be willing to jump on board to post the things that I am forgetting? You would receive my everlasting gratitude. Email me if you are interested.

Edited to add: So many of you have offered to help out on the blog. I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to help. It means so much to me. Steph of  ‘a whisk and a spoon‘ will be picking up my slack. Again, much thanks to you all. And many thanks to Steph, whom I have known since the beginning of TWD. She’s a total rock star.


Addressing a question…

One of the bakers asked about Persian Naan vs. Oasis Naan.  The second is based on the first, and should she save dough for the first or bake it and save it to blog later.  I will fully admit that we were not paying close enough attention while we were picking these recipes.  (and the pecan sticky buns from last month) I looked in the book after these recipes had been chosen and found out that we opted for a variation.  That’s an oops on my part.  So we’re going to be more careful from here on out.  We’re going to try to make the base recipe first if the variation isn’t a simple one (like making the French Strawberry cake from the genoise batter….)  We will throw the brioche back in the mix, because the bread is an entirely different animal from the buns.  Sorry for the confusion, and for the next little bit, let’s try to get a base recipe or two out of the way so we can move on to some great renditions.

FFWD Server Down :(

Apparently, the French Fridays with Dorie server is currently down for the count. I am still on vacation until Sunday, thus the server will be down until Sunday as well.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Back to your regularly scheduled blog posts….


New Members

I am getting an average of 20 new members a day currently and having trouble finding the time to add them. If you have emailed me about joining TWD, rest assured you are in the group. End of the year school activities and summer sports are keeping me hopping right now. I will do my best to add all of the new members this coming weekend. Please have patience with me. My apologies, my full time job, being a Mom, is taking all of my free time right now!

Bake on! xo


An apology…

I, in no way, shape or form meant to offend anyone with my “slacker” email. If I did so, I deeply apologize. I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and apparently my humor was not picked up on. I did not mean “slacker” in a negative way. I was trying to be comical and light hearted about those that have not been participating. It was taken as offensive, and for that I am truly sorry. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. If at any time you need to take a break because of personal issues, all I ask is that an email be sent in. I do not even need the gooey details, just let us know that you are having a rough time, or will be on vacation or that you are out of town etc…

I am serious about participation, however. It becomes unfair when not everyone is baking along with us under normal life circumstances. If you do not have time in your normal life to participate, then please do not sign up. I am a busy Mom of 3 boys under 5. I had no idea that TWD would become what it did and it takes a good chunk of time to keep it running. I do not think it inappropriate to ask that if you need to take a break, you email us to let us know.

I apologize for offending those I did. It was not my intent.