BCM: November Recipe (the last one!) and P&Q

Our last recipe–I’m both excited and sad. I’ve actually already made it and (spoiler alert) it’s fabulous!

Carrèment Chocolat, The Fancy Cake, p 75

We’ll post this beauty on November 10.

This post will also act as our P&Q post.  Let us know if you have any questions!


BCM: September Nominations

Almost done! Here’s what I propose…we save the Macarons and Biscotti for our two October recipes, and in September make the Caramelized Cinnamon-Milk Chocolate Tart and Olive Oil and Wine Cookies (which you may have baked years ago with Dorie’s Cookies & Kindness campaign, and if so, you can just link back to that posting).

If anyone really wants to do the Macs in September, just say the word. xoxo