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Hello fellow Dorie-nators. (I thought that -nators included the guys better than -istas. LMAO)

It has been a couple weeks since Shari and I put together the blogroll instructions and we hope that everyone has enjoyed how it streamlines reading TWD blogs every Tuesday. I know I absolutely love it! I think Shari deserves another golf clap. ::clapping::

Just wanted to draw your attention the side menu bar ——————————>

I added a little section for the TWD blogroll update link. The link is updated every week in the new members’ post but Laurie, in her great leader wisdom, suggested that instead of putting it on the new member post every week, b/c it ends up getting buried, I put it in one place so its easy to find. GENIUS.

All hail the leader.

The leader is good. The leader is great. We surrender our will as of this date.

(Frillion points to whoever knows where the line is from. LOL)

See you on the blog side. Peace.


How-to: update your TWD blogroll!

Hello fellow TWDers!

As you all have read from our fearless leader recently, TWD is continually adding new bakers and has said goodbye to some that have recently departed so Shari and I have been hard at work to update the blogroll with all the new changes.

The easiest way to update TWD blogroll in bloglines or google reader is to delete your current TWD-all folder off your reader and re-import the whole list. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy Memorial Day! Can’t wait to see everyone’s sticky buns! :)

To delete TWD folder—
1. Click Edit
2. Select the TWD-all folder
3. Click Trash.

To import TWD blogroll—
4. Click *HERE* for updated TWD blogroll export link
5. In Bloglines, click Export Subscriptions. (It’s below the long list of TWD members.)
6. Save the attached file somewhere on your desktop.
7. Log into your bloglines acct
8. Edit
9. Import subscriptions

Note from Shari: I would recommend people read any blogs they want to before deleting so that they are up-to-date. Bloglines won’t remember what you’ve read after you delete and import the subscriptions again. It thinks they’re all new.

To delete TWD folder—
1. Click manage subscriptions (bottom of reader list)
2. Type in TWD in the filter box (top right corner) – this will bring up all blogs that are labeled with TWD
3. Select all subscriptions
4. Unsubscribe

To import TWD blogroll—
5. Click *HERE* for updated TWD blogroll export link
6. Click export subscriptions and save to desktop
7. Click Manage subscriptions in google reader
8. Click import/export
9. Import file from desktop

Notes from Clara: I would recommend if you have any unread TWD blogs from your previously set up TWD blogroll, read them before you delete and re-import b/c google reader won’t update as new until those blogs update again with another entry.

How-to: subscribe to all the TWD blogs

Let me take a moment to revel in my first staff post… aaaaahhhhhhh

Ok now on to business. I know that some members have expressed an interest in trying to streamline reading TWD blogs. If you are like me and try to hit up every blog every week, its very time consuming to read each blog since we have members from different time zones, who like to post at different times during Tuesdays, post late, or skip the particular week etc etc.

Myself (Clara from I♥food4thought) and fellow TWDer, Shari from Whisk: a food blog, have been working on her blogroll idea for the last 2 weeks to make it as easy as possible for all techie levels to understand. Let’s all pause and give Shari a *golf clap* right now. Do iiiiiiiiit. LOL

Now without further ado…


Don’t wanna miss any content from all the Tuesdays with Dorie bakers?

To subscribe to all the current TWD blogs

1. Click the link. (

2. In Bloglines, click Export Subscriptions. (It’s below the long list of TWD members.)

3. Save the attached file somewhere on your desktop.

4. In your reader, import the subscriptions. (Since there are different readers, you’ll have to follow the instructions provided by your reader on how to import subscriptions.)

If you want to import to bloglines:
1. Log into your bloglines acct
2. Edit
3. Import subscriptions

If you want to import to google reader:
1. Log into your GR acct
2. Manage subscriptions (left column, scroll towards the bottom)
3. Import/export tab
* Just an FYI, if you import to GR all your TWD subscriptions will be mixed in with your current subscriptions. Since I have multiple gmail accts, to keep TWD separate, I use a different gmail acct/google reader and import to that one instead of my main one *or* another idea would be going through them one-by-one and putting into a TWD folder that you can create yourself.

EDIT: Shari via comments says she’s now separated the TWD blogs export link into its own folder so that should avoid mixing with your current subscriptions when you import to your reader! w00t! Shari rocks :)

At this time we only have problems with adding Helen Brain since there seems to be no feed available. Helen, I think you’ll have to fix that on your end.

We tried to check the TWD bloglines list many times but if we have missed your blog, please let us know and we’ll add you ASAP!

Also… Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about our new members! Shari has graciously offered to provide a bloglines export link at the end of the week that I will post within the new members post so that you will be able to add new members before the Tuesday posting day. Another *golf clap* for Shari!

Any questions and/or suggestions, please feel free to comment! We’d love to hear what you think! :)

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