BWJ September/October Schedule

I can’t believe it, but we’re down to the last two recipes in the book!  If you’ve ever participated in TWD BWJ and want to celebrate reaching the end of this journey, we’d love for you to jump back in with us.

Here’s how this will play out…

For September, our only recipe will be Brioche (pages 188-190).  You may post on either of our dates, September 6 or September 20.

This will give us extra time to assemble the Glorious Wedding Cake (pages 293-306)!  The farewell posting date for the wedding cake is the first Tuesday of the month, October 4.

P&Qs will go up shortly.

BWJ August Schedule

Not much left to choose from here…

Swedish Limpa – pages 104-105
Chocolate Napoleons – 
pages 400-402

Our scheduled posting dates this month are August 2 and August 16 (with a Rewind on August 30.) Feel free to post either recipe on either date, to suit your baking desires.  There will be a joint P&Q to encompass both recipes.