BWJ June Schedule

Here are the BWJ June recipes.  We have an extra Tuesday next month, so feel free to make up something you missed (from BWJ. BCM or even BFMHTY) or just take a break.

June 2, 2015- Fruit Focaccia, p 196

June 16, 2015- Savory Puffs, p 432

June 30, 2015-Rewind Week!

BWJ May Schedule

Here are the BWJ May recipes.  I know we just did bread for the last post, but I put the pastry second this month…it looks like the more complicated recipe (and may be a good Mother’s Day treat), so I thought we might want the extra time.

May 5, 2015- Ka’kat, p 150-151

May 19, 2015- Cardinal Slice, p 286-289