Meme #5

What’s the one food item in your house that makes you, well, embarrassed.  Is it the canister of Tang hiding in the back of the cupboard?  How about the can of spray cheese tucked in the corner on a high shelf?  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in a low drawer so you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday and make your kids breakfast.  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in your house and you have no kids….


Meme #4

If you could sit down for a meal with any cookbook author (other than Dorie, of course, ’cause she’d be on all our lists), who would it be?


*** Edited to add – living or dead.  Either one is ok.

Show Me Your Mixer!

I was just now cleaning up my kitchen from yesterdays shenanigans and my KitchenAid mixer was a mess. I mean it looked disgusting. As I was cleaning it, I thought ‘I wonder if I am the only one who mistreats their mixer?’

So, show me your mixer! Go take a pic of your mixer as is. Right now. Do not clean it. Just snap a quick photo of it and send it off to me at tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail DOT com. Please include your name and blog address with your photo. In a week or two, I will do a mixer round-up. Maybe I can rummage up a few prizes, too.

In the spirit of fairness, I will show you my KitchenAid mixer as of this morning. I need to treat the old girl better. She won’t kick it into high gear anymore. Poor thing.

What are you waiting for? Show me YOUR mixer!