Putting this out there again…

So, it seems that the same folks are stepping up each month to act as hosts. Originally, we used hosts because we didn’t want everyone posting the recipe. In this book, though, the recipes are 99% online already. I know that some of you like hosts because it brings traffic to your blog. Having said that, I think that leaving your link brings people as well, and we don’t really need the hosts anymore.

Anyone have another argument or compelling reason to keep hosts? Please let me know!

Recipes! For March!

I went with popular opinion and a Ouija board.

March 5, 2013 – Croissants on page 185-86

March 19, 2013 – Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies on page 330

Now, who wants to host? Please either include your e-mail in your request or shoot me an e-mail at tuesdayswithdorie at gmail.com (Makes my life easier)

Recipes! February! Hosting!

Looks like we have winners with Foccacia and Boca Negra!

Why don’t we make foccacia (p. 143) for 2/5 and Boca Negra (p. 253) for 2/19. That way if anyone wants to make the decadent cake for Valentine’s day, they’ll have a few days to get out of the sugar coma so they can write. ;-)

Now, who wants to host?