Meme #13

Desert island question.  What one dessert (on a desert island) would be your dessert (desert dessert?) of choice?  And now the word “dessert” is starting to look weird to me.  Variations allowed.


Meme #12

Going back to childhood here – what’s your favorite food associated memory from when you were a kid?  Was it the smell of cookies at Grandma’s house?  The popcorn that your mom always burnt a little bit before movie night?  Share, please.

Meme #11

We’re all friends here.  You can admit it.  Your non-baking friends are envious of your skills.  What are you known for?  What’s the one recipe they ask you to make over and over?  Links to said recipes will only add to your prestige.  ;-)

Meme #10

Ok, sticking with the ingredient theme – what item (items?) lurks in your cabinet just taunting you.  The one you were going to use because it seemed so interesting/exotic/tasty/fun that is still sitting there begging to be used or perhaps just thrown away at this point.  Have at it!

Meme #8

This one is all about recipes.  Where do you get your recipes these days?  Are you a fan of a good cookbook (other than our favorite!)?  Do you immediately turn to the internet?  Do you use mostly recipes from family or friends?  Or do you fall into the “what’s a recipe?” camp?  Do tell!

Meme #7

We all have one.  That one recipe that just never works the way you want it to.  Or the one thing you try to cook or bake repeatedly with meh results.  Confess.  What’s your food nemesis?

Meme #5

What’s the one food item in your house that makes you, well, embarrassed.  Is it the canister of Tang hiding in the back of the cupboard?  How about the can of spray cheese tucked in the corner on a high shelf?  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in a low drawer so you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday and make your kids breakfast.  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in your house and you have no kids….

Meme #4

If you could sit down for a meal with any cookbook author (other than Dorie, of course, ’cause she’d be on all our lists), who would it be?


*** Edited to add – living or dead.  Either one is ok.