Welcome Our Newest Members

Here is a new installment of new members. I know, I know, its about time right? Well things in the Woodward household have been hectic the past few months. Our youngest, Colby, was diagnosed with epilepsy in early June. While, we knew something was off, it came as quite a shock. Its taken me a while to get back into the swing of things and back to my hobbies.

If you have emailed me about joining and do not see your name/blog listed, please check your email first. If you have nothing from me, then please just send me your info again. I’ll do my best to get you on the blogroll ASAP now that I am caught up.

Thanks for your patience over the past few months. And many, many thanks to those who have picked up my slack behind the scenes. CB and Nik, love you gals. MUAH!

Karen of Shortbread

Susan of Simply Sweet Bake Shop

Michelle of Big Black Dog

Kim of What the Whisk

Angela of Spinach Tiger

Helen of Aardvark Cakes, Welcome back!

Erin of Dog is my Soux Chef

Lauryn of Bella Baker

Sarah of Blue Ridge Baker

Ashley of The Eclectic Connoisseur’s Weblog

Suzy Homemaker

Shandy of Pastry Heaven, Welcome back!

Christine of Black Cat Cooking

Devona of Sweet Thoughts

April of Kentucky Cupcakes

Chantelle of Dish It Up

Kimberly of Nightshade Farm

Tianne of Buttercream Barbie

Megan of L’Aventure des Price-Dickersons

Katie of Polka Make & Yellow Cake

Melissa of Scrumtrellescent

Jeff of E Street Kitchen

Mrs. PH of Pointlessly Hypertechnical

Jana of Smart Cookie

Jessica of Domestic Deep Thought of the Day

Erin of The Sweet Life

Jennie of Domestic Goddess

Melissa of I Dream in Buttercream

brunettercluse of All Purpose

Christina of 13 Bakery

Stacey of Team Hoopes

Leslie of Q’s Eats

Sarah of Teapots and Cakestands

Jen of Maple N’ Cornbread

Again, if you do not see your name or blog and are sure you had emailed me, just pop me another at tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com. Thanks!

xo~ laurie

New Members

I am getting an average of 20 new members a day currently and having trouble finding the time to add them. If you have emailed me about joining TWD, rest assured you are in the group. End of the year school activities and summer sports are keeping me hopping right now. I will do my best to add all of the new members this coming weekend. Please have patience with me. My apologies, my full time job, being a Mom, is taking all of my free time right now!

Bake on! xo


For Potential New Members

Here are our rules, as listed on The Rules page:

  • You must own the book, Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.
  • We always post on Tuesday. As long as you post when it is Tuesday for you, you are good to go.
  • Everyone must participate at least two out of four weeks. If you participate every week, fantastic! If you participate every other week, grand! This is not up for negotiation.*
  • You must have a blog to post your baking adventures on. This is the only real way for us to know that you are indeed baking along with us.
  • If you must miss more than 2 weeks of a particular month, please email us and let us know! We are keeping track, so if you do not tell us you are on vacation, sick or having a baby, we do not know. Please take 2 seconds to send us a line.

That’s it, 5 rules. This isn’t rocket science, its baking people. But, we have these rules to keep the Recipe Rotation fair. Any questions, comments or complaints can be sent directly to tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com.

If you are stull interested, comment here or email by midnight EST tonight. Then membership will once again close.


New Member Requests

I seem to get an influx of new member requests everyday. Its not hard to see why, we are fabulous. ;)

However, we are currently not accepting new members. TWD is a closed group right now. We may open up to new members later this year.  I will be sure to post several times if that happens. Until then..

Thanks. Bake on!


New Members

Please welcome our newest bakers!

Ivette of The Baker’s Apprentice

JoelEn of JoelEn’s Culinary Adventures

Katy of Alphabet Soup

Lorelei of Mermaid Sweets

Dragana of Prijatno!

Sarina of TriniGourmet

Liz of Savory Spicy Sweet

Chris of Pantry Raid

Cynthia of Bakingtherapist

Becky of BeckyJean’s Blog

Lola of Lola’s Artistic Endeavors

Jennifer of Baking and Dogs

Caroline and Claire of Bake with Us

Elizabeth of Count It All Joy!

Kendi of Kitchen Adventures

Janet of Enchanted Kitchen

Brianne of Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen

Pollyanna of Reclaiming Pollyanna

Carey of My 3 Wonders

Mike of Living Out West

Chris of Our House in the Middle of the Street

Jennifer of keep passing the open windows

Mary of Secret Server

Robin of The Unrepentant Carbivore

Kimberly of Music and Cats

Michele of Striped Tail’s Veggie Num Nums

Cynthia of Nini’s Kitchen

Aida of Sweetie Mama’s Bittersweet

Amy of my famous recipe

Sara of imafoodblog

If you do not see your name listed here and sent me an email before January 1st, please check your email. I had quite a few people who did not reply with their blog name and address. I need the URL to add you!

Attention New Members

I am going to post a short note here rather than answer the 15-20 emails that sit in my box asking this question. I will be adding new members this coming weekend. It takes a good amount of time to do this, as your names/URLs are added in several places on the blog. Please, please, please be patient until I have the time to do this. Remember, this is a hobby for me and not a job.

Next, a few rules I want the new bakers to be aware of. We always post on Tuesday. This is a good refresher for older members as well. I see those of you posting on Monday when you live in the US! Second, Rewind Recipes as they have been come to be known are only acceptable when stated. Again, another reminder for older members, I see rewinds popping up everywhere. Please try to stick to the recipe of the week. This group is about baking the SAME recipe together!

If you have questions or comments about the group, you can leave them here and myself or a member will try to answer them in a timely fashion. Or, you can email me at tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com

Welcome to all the New Members! Bake On! xo~ Laurie

Recipes to start the New Year- Updated

Can you believe TWD will turn one?!? I am still in shock that a passing thought and post on New Years Day 2008 lead to an army of bakers. Its stunning! I want to thank each and every one of you for making this year the best baking year I have ever had! (However, my thighs are cursing each and every one of you, too.)

Okay, so here we go.. The recipes to start 2009 are:

January 6, 2009– Chosen by the author herself… Dorie Greenspan has chosen the French Pear Tart on pages 368 and 369.  Special thanks to Dorie for taking her time to join in on the fun. Not only did she give us this amazing cookbook, but she has so graciously answered all my questions in the past year. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness.

January 13, 2009– Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake chose Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins on page 6.

January 20, 2009– Mary Ann of  Meet Me in the Kitchen chose Berry Surprise Cake on pages 273-275.

January 27, 2009–  Heather of Sherry Trifle chose Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread on page 212.

Also, I have had numerous requests to join since we closed the group. I am going to open the group to new members from today till January 1st, in honor of our 1 year anniversary. If you would like to join TWD, please email me at tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com by January 1st.

Thank you! May you all have the very merriest of Holidays.

Much love,


Finally, the last batch…

Here is the last batch of TWD Bakers!* Please give a warm welcome to:

Jen of Fodder and Libations

Mohana of Cuisine with Chilean flavor

Carolina of GabesBabyMomma

Amanda of Hodge Podge

Jane of Northern Exposure with a Southern Twist

Yael of Yael’s Yummies

Debbie of Kitchen Kisses

Jill of My Next Life

Lisa of Baking Like Betty

Sharon of Simply Southern

Chris of User Group Other

Teresa of Cooking Do

Courtney of Cafe Coco

Patricia of Life With a Whisk

Jennifer of A Mid-Life Culinary Adventure

*If you signed up before the October 31st deadline and do not see your name listed, please check your email. I emailed at least a dozen people and have not recieved responses. I cannot add you to the blog if I do not have your blog URL. Check your spam folders too, just in case. Thanks!

Almost the Last Batch of New Members

Okay folks, this is the 2nd to last New Member post. If you do not see your name, please check your email. I had a good number of people who forgot to send in their blog address. Another few gave me bad URLs. If you do not see your name and did not get an email from me, just speak up. I am sure there is human error here. Considering I fielded hundreds of emails in the past 4 weeks, someone surely was lost in the fray. I apologize if you were missed. It was not intentional I assure you!

Please welcome this massive addition of TWD Bakers:

Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen

Cookie of Workout then Cook!

Christy of Christy’s Kitchen Creations

Janell of Mortensen Family Memoirs

Andrea of Bakers Love

Emily of Sandmuffin

Kristin of This Week In Baking

Brooke of Becoming Boren

Dana of The Go Lightly Gourmet

Candice of The Bake Box

Nicole of Bakeologie

Joann of updownacross

Aimee of Sugared Ellipses

Tem of Tem’s Treats

Andrea of Wandering Through Leaves of Grass

Mary of Bake-rella

Brooke of Brooke Cooks

Teri of Alive in rural IN

Becky of Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

Amanda of Living in the Boot

Donna of Poisoned Apple Baking

Tamy of 3 Sides of Crazy

Sara of Culturally Confused

Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen

Mimi of Mimi on the Move

Laura of The Fearless Chef

Stephanie of 1x a week

Pam of Lobster and Fishsticks

Carolyn of Breakfast at Banjo’s

Stephanie of Oh Darn it Sauce!!

Amy of Amy’s Kitchen Creations

Candy of The Courageous Cook

Lindsey of SoGood Cupcakes, Cookies and More

Jess of blue.speckled.eggs

Jenni of McGovern: Table for Five

Rebecca of Hello, Baker!

Sara of thatonecookbook

Marlene of Marly’s Kitchen

Beth of Muffin Love

Whitney and Elizabth of Celestial Confections

Joy of The Cooking of Joy

Judy of Mountain Momma Baker

Tammy of The Missing Piece

Erin of Erin’s Easy Eats

Gabi of The Feast Within

Kari of The White Apron

Jin Hooi of Smell & Taste Are My Memory

Rebecca of Crazy hat lady.

Danielle of Semi Good Cook

Sam of House by the Pond

Heather of Chocolate Bytes

Chrissy of Seasons of Cunningham

Suzy of The Real Suzyhomemaker

Joselyn of Muffin Dough

Caroline of zum daem gud kuhp-keykz

Megan of Ooples and Banoonoos

Tania of Little Prince Treats


Mari of Once Upon a Plate

Joanne of Neighborlady’s Weblog

Deb of Coffee, Cake & Chocolate

Reti of Laptop & Cake tin

Clivia of Bubie’s Little Baker

Kevin of Room at the Kitchen Table

Carrie of Carrie Crocker

Lesley of Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Melissa of Sweet Melissa

Shira of Misplaced Terps

Emily of me likes to bake… and cook sometimes too!

Leanne of Enjoying My Favorite Things

Amber of Cobbler du Monde

Emily of Sweet Cakes Studio

Nancy of Moms Gooseberry Pie

Lindsay of A Little Something… Sweet!

Sara of The Littlest Bakeshop

Ali of The Healthy Hostess

Allison of Wicked Good Foods

Becky of Seven Super Summers

Emily of Adventures in Color

Jill of Jill’s Blog

Kathlyn of Bake Like A Ninja

Margot of Effort to Deliciousness

Amber of Of chocolate and mangos

Kayla of Central Cooking

Felica of Blackberries and Butterbeans

Betsy of A cup of sweetness

Stevi of Good to be Home

Jennifer of Cooking for Comfort

Eunice of Dolce

Jindra of life:work:play

Farah of Confessions of a Novice Baker

Marisa of the sophisticated casserole


Gail of From the Big Apple to the Big Bear

Eugenia of didally

Stacey of Up On Lavender Hill

Amy of The Delicious Cook

Jen of 454 Grams

Melanie of Living the Sweet Life