October Nominations

Over the last few months in the nominations comments, we’ve been throwing around the idea of having “puff month” since there are several recipes in the book designed to use homemade puff pastry..making the dough and a recipe using it one week and then a second recipe using it the next.  October could be a good time to do this, as hopefully it’s (at least relatively) cool in most parts of the world.  What do you think?  If you’re up for that, then please nominate the two recipes you’d like to make using puff pastry (with page numbers).

If you’re not into a month of puff, what do you think we should make in October?  Please nominate one sweet/breakfast recipe and one savory/bread recipe (with page numbers).

You can check out the Completed Recipes page if you need a reminder of all the things we’ve done already.