Slogan Suggestions??

Hey Girls and Guys~

I have the ball rolling on a header and avatar for us. But, I am drawing a blank on a slogan. I figure 90 people can surely come up with something together!

Give me your suggestions for a slogan for TWD. Also, if you have any brilliant ideas for the header/avatar, let those fly as well.

I wanna hear what yall think!


Dorie Approved!

Not only has Dorie commented on our fabulous blog today, but she has also featured us on her blog!!! I am so honored that she would mention us on her blog. I have to say, I am thrilled our group is growing, growing, growing and encouraging people to bake on a weekly basis. It has definitely gotten me to bake a lot more often, which is fantastic!

So, a great big huge thanks to all of you who bake along with me week after week! And a special thanks to Chelle, who helps me keep things tidy, organized and keeps me from bowing out on weeks when I am lazy. Love you Chelle!

Welcome to anyone who may be visiting the blog for the first time. We hope you will join us, as we bake our way through Baking! xo~ laurie

Suggestion Box

Hey my lovely ladies, and cool dude! (Thank you noskos! I was beginning to get a complex about not having any guys in TWD. LOL)

When I first posted about TWD, I did so just to get myself to bake a little more. I thought it would be a good way to have something weekly to post about as well. When I asked for someone to join me,  I had noooo idea it would turn into a 70+ fabulous Dorie cult!

I wanted to take a second to open the good ole suggestion box. Comments on anything you want concerning TWD. Tell me what you think about the blog, the rotation, the posts…. Let it fly. Now is your chance to get on your soap box if ya have one! ;)

Have you baked your pie-cake?

How are those pie-cakes baking up? I am pretty excited about this one. Apple pie is a fav in this house. Adding the raisins is something new that I don’t normally do. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

If you baked your’s, what did ya think?

Headed out of town…

Hey ladies! (We have no guys yet, what’s the deal with that??) I am heading out of town for the weekend. My baby turns 1 tomorrow! So, we are heading across state to celebrate with my fam. Just wanted you to know,  if I am slow with replies, comments, emails, whatever, you know why!

For any newbs who want to join, I will try and reply ASAP. I don’t get as much net time when with my fam. Too much nonsense, visiting, and Rock Banding (I am the singer. ha!) going on. I will be home late on 2/24 .

xo~ laurie

We need a cool header…

Chelle has her sister customizing a header for us. In the meantime, does anyone want to contribute one of their TWD post pictures for our header? My photograhy is awful, and I do not want to snag anyone’s pictures without permission. If interested, shoot me an email with your photo inside!

Thanks gals! xo