FYI: Dorie’s Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Hi! Dorie’s Favorite Pumpkin Pie isn’t a group bake next month, but in case anyone wants to make it for upcoming holidays/something to make with an extra can of puree…the recipe was printed with some errors in the book, and in Dorie’s most recent newsletter, she has the corrected version (including a printable doc).


Updated: In search of a helper…

As much as I hate asking for it, I need help. I spent the last few weeks hardcore stressing over some health issues. Everything turned out fine, scans are good. Whew. But, TWD is the last thing I was thinking about. (This is why the LYL did not get posted and I apologize.)  With 3 kids, one who has special needs, I just can’t remember everything all the time. I hate to say it, I need help! You guys are being mistreated and you deserve better.

With that said, would anyone be willing to jump on board to post the things that I am forgetting? You would receive my everlasting gratitude. Email me if you are interested.

Edited to add: So many of you have offered to help out on the blog. I cannot thank you enough for your willingness to help. It means so much to me. Steph of  ‘a whisk and a spoon‘ will be picking up my slack. Again, much thanks to you all. And many thanks to Steph, whom I have known since the beginning of TWD. She’s a total rock star.



Ok, folks, a while back we had a discussion about having vs. not having hosts. I explained that I was a little worried because there seemed to be fewer people who were stepping up who hadn’t hosted in the past. I’ve only had one person volunteer for the month of March. So I’ll put this out there again — do we need the hosts this go round? Most, if not all, of these recipes are available on the web already. It’s very easy to link to the PBS site. Which way does public opinion sway?

Just some notes….

So happy to see all the beautiful tarts!  I know some of you have had a bit of trouble posting links and/or comments.  If you don’t see your link or comment show up, chances are it landed in the spam folder.  (Happened to me yesterday!)  Be patient, please, and don’t repost.  Laurie and I check the spam folder a couple of times a day and we’ll clear any entries that should be on the site.

A number of you have asked about a button or logo for your website.  We are working on getting one edited and cleaned up.

We’ve also had some inquiries about a static baker’s page that people can link to on Tuesdays.  While we will have a baker’s page that will show all of the registered participants and their blogs, it’s not a good reference for a weekly link.   We have close to 400 blogs registered, and not everyone bakes each week. (hence the LYL post)

Thanks everyone for your continued support and patience as we work our way through this adventure!

A slight change this week

It was so exciting seeing all the bakers and enthusiasm for our first recipe.  We expect nothing less for the second.  ;-)  Having said that, it was a bit difficult to get through all the responses to the LYL post.  We have a solution!

We’re going to have two posts on Tuesdays from now on.  One will be a straight up Leave Your Link post.  It is ONLY for links.  Any other posts will be deleted.

We will also have a Tuesday Chatter post.  This is the place to leave your notes, comments, and responses.  Chat away, bakers!

Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the congestion and make it a bit easier to get to the links and leave comments on individual blogs.

Looking forward to Tuesday!

Some information and some questions answered

Our first recipe posts on Tuesday!  Some of you are wondering what that means and how this actually works.  Here is what happens:

On Monday night (because we have bakers from all over the world and our Monday is someone else’s Tuesday) Laurie or I will put up a new post titled “LYL: White Loaves.  LYL = Leave Your Link.  In the body of the post will be links to our blogs because we are the hosts for this recipe.  There might be a photo or two (of us or our bread) as well.  Anyone who has baked along and created a blog post is invited to put a link to said blog post in the comments section.  As long as it is Tuesday where you are, please leave your link.  (Note – I will often write my blog on Sunday and set it to post on Tuesday.)   I place my link in the comments section with the time that it will actually post.  You should be able to click through any of the links to see the gorgeous loaves that the TWD bakers have created.

It is likely to be overwhelming at first.  We have over 300 blogs registered.  Visit as many as you can without going crazy.  You have two whole weeks to look at these posts before a new recipe will take its place.

We ask that the only people posting the recipe(s) are the hosts.  In your blog post, please link to the hosts if you’d like people to be able to find the recipe.  Alternately, tell them to go buy the book.

If there are any other questions, please either e-mail us or leave them in the comments.  We’ll try our best to answer quickly.

Bake on!

TWD: The Next Generation

As you can see, I am still trying out titles for our next adventure. Suggestions welcome. :)

I just wanted to take a second and follow-up on the post from last week. I did read all of your comments. This is what I heard, you want the same format, and a less stressful recipe schedule due to the complication of recipes.

I am going to admit, I was hoping to switch TWD over to the FFWD format, because it is so much easier to manage/maintain. However, I have heard you and we will continue TWD in the way it has always been run. With that said, I am going to ask for help. I would like to bring some more people on staff for the new club. My hope is that some of you old schoolers won’t mind pitching in. If we are going to manage a member list to pick hosts from, it’s a full time job, especially in the first couple months.

I’d also like to obtain a new logo when we start anew. If anyone would like to try their hand at making one, go for it!

If you would like to help out with TWD 2.0, let me know. Jules and I would appreciate any and all help we can get.

Any other suggestions, comments welcome.