Friendly Reminder

I realize we have a lot of new folks to the group this go round. So, I thought I should give a friendly reminder that we post only on scheduled Tuesdays. This month, TWD posts should only be posted on March 6th and March 20th. If you post after the scheduled date, no worries. However, no one should be posting before the scheduled date. The point of this group is to bake and post together.

If you have questions about this rule, please ask them below.

Thanks and Bake on!


Fall Cleaning

I have not touched the blogroll or rotation since February. Its time people. I am giving one months notice. If you want to stay involved in the group and have not been keeping up, take this 30 days and jump back in. All blogs that have not participated in 90 days will be removed. This really isn’t a big deal as everyone who wants to be involved already posts twice a month, right?

Changing things up…

Since Novemeber is special because of Thanksgiving, I already decided to allow recipes to be posted any Tuesday of the month. There are several recipes for November that would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner. Since you can swap recipes/weeks this month, I am going to post all of the P&Q posts now. That way, if you make the Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake for Nov 3, the P&Q is there like it always is. However, if you are making the Cran-Apple Crisps, the P&Q is there as well.

Hope this helps! Bake On!


We are called TUESDAYS with Dorie for a reason…

We post on TUESDAY people.

More and more and more folks are posting on Monday. I realize we have international members. They are in the clear because they are posting when its Tuesday for THEM.  Most of our members are in the United States. Please, please, please stop posting early and post on TUESDAY! This is one of the only MAJOR rules we have kids. Stick to it.

Thanks. Bake on!

xo laurie

New Member Requests

I seem to get an influx of new member requests everyday. Its not hard to see why, we are fabulous. ;)

However, we are currently not accepting new members. TWD is a closed group right now. We may open up to new members later this year.  I will be sure to post several times if that happens. Until then..

Thanks. Bake on!


Kindly Reminder…

We ask that you not include the actual recipe on your TWD posts. The host for the week is the only one who should be posting the actual recipe. (If you have changed the recipe considerably, by all means go ahead and post YOUR recipe.) We would like to support the publishing industry by encouraging others to go buy the book.

Bake on!