BWJ January Schedule

Two sweets this month– a New Year’s treat!  Here’s what we’ll be making from BWJ in January:

Cornmeal-Currant Biscotti, page 316
Babas, page 413

Our scheduled posting dates this month are January 5 and January 19.  Just like last month, feel free to post either recipe on either date to suit your baking needs.  I’ll set up a joint P&Q to encompass both recipes.

BWJ December Schedule

Let’s be a little flexible this month, what with the holidays and all.  Here’s what we’ll be making from BWJ in December:

Brie in Brioche, pages 437-439
Vanilla-Hazelnut Cheesecake, pages 290-291

Our regularly scheduled posting dates are December 1 and December 15, as well as the December 29 rewind.  Feel free to post either recipe on any of the posting dates to suit your baking needs/time schedules.  I’ll post a joint P&Q to encompass both recipes.


BWJ September Schedule

Okay, September will be Brioche Month!  One batch of brioche dough (p 43-45) can be split in half to make our final two recipes using it.  I plan to freeze the half that I’m not working with first after the dough’s first rise–hopefully that will work just fine…

There’s an extra Tuesday this month that we can use to make-up a missed recipe, revisit on old favorite, or just take a break.

September 1, 2015- Brioche Tart with White Secret Sauce, p 386-388

September 15, 2015- Twice-Baked Brioche, p 198-200

September 29, 2015- Rewind Week

Here’s a video of Nancy and Julia making the basic brioche dough and the tart (and Julia crying when she tastes the tart…awww).

BWJ August Schedule

Here are the BWJ August recipes!  We have a choice for the first week, since these two petits fours are almost exactly the same (just cut into different shapes).  Feel free to pick one or make some of each out of the cake.

August 4, 2015- Miniature Florentine Squares, p 268-270 and/or Glazed Mini-Rounds, p 271-272

August 18, 2015- Pita Breads, p 154-155

BWJ June Schedule

Here are the BWJ June recipes.  We have an extra Tuesday next month, so feel free to make up something you missed (from BWJ. BCM or even BFMHTY) or just take a break.

June 2, 2015- Fruit Focaccia, p 196

June 16, 2015- Savory Puffs, p 432

June 30, 2015-Rewind Week!

BWJ May Schedule

Here are the BWJ May recipes.  I know we just did bread for the last post, but I put the pastry second this month…it looks like the more complicated recipe (and may be a good Mother’s Day treat), so I thought we might want the extra time.

May 5, 2015- Ka’kat, p 150-151

May 19, 2015- Cardinal Slice, p 286-289