BCM: Recipes for December!

I loved Steph’s idea, so I’m stealing it.  Because of the holidays, we’re going to be a little flexible in terms of baking and posting.  Bake in any order.  We post on the 8th and 22nd, and don’t forget that there is an extra Tuesday for a rewind!

Stained Glass Cookies on page 280

Chocolate Chestnut Tart with Vanilla Chestnut Syrup on page 172

BCM: November Recipes!

Here they are!

November 10 – Chocolate Covered Toffee Break Ups on page 402

November 24 – Pear Cranberry Roll Up Tart on page 132

Side note – if you plan on making the Pear Cranberry tart for Thanksgiving, post after you’ve made it.  We’ll be checking in!