July recipes!

There are three Tuesdays in July. We’ll be posting on the 2nd and 16th and leave the 30th as a rewind. What would you like to bake next month? One savory and one sweet please! As always, page numbers are very helpful.

On a personal side note: My kitchen is being gutted on the 26th, and it won’t be completed until some time in September. (fingers crossed!) So while I haven’t been baking along much, now I won’t be able to. I’ll be jealously and vicariously baking through all of you! — Jules

So here it is…

We’re going to try going host-less for a while.  I’m still going to put up a LYL page as well as Tuesday Chatter.  If you have a particularly lovely photo, please e-mail it to our account, and I’ll try to get it up with the LYL.  We’ll see how the experiment goes.