BCM LYL: Plain and Simple Almond Cake and Pistachio and Berry Gratins

Is it almond or pistachio for our second bake?  Can’t wait to see you links!


BCM: Recipes for May!

It’s looking like a very nutty month!

Plain and simple almond cake on pages 8 -9
Pistachio and berry gratins on page 345

Remember that we bake the second and fourth Tuesdays.  There’s a bonus Tuesday this month as well, so have a rewind.

DC: May Recipes (and exciting news)– Updated

In May, we’ll be making:

Chocolate-Cornflake Haystacks, page 174
Goat Cheese and Chive Cookies, page 385

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. You can bake and post either recipe for either week. There’s also a Rewind Week at the end of May.

The Goat Cheese and Chive Cookies are also Dorie’s own Cookies & Kindness recipe selection for May. If you post on social media (for either cookie, as a matter of fact), feel free to use the hashtag #cookiesandkindness on your pictures. Also tag them with #Dories_Cookies, #DoriesCookies and @doriegreenspan.

AND, Dorie’s Cookies just won the James Beard Foundation Book Award for the baking and dessert category!  That’s pretty great news and I think we’ve already made enough recipes to see why she received the medal. You can read more (and say congrats if you’d like) here.