DC: What’s Left

brownies, bars, break-ups and biscotti
Mary’s Maine Bars, p 50
Leckerli, p 56

cookies for every day, any day
Almond Crackle Cookies, p 176
Chocolate-Pecan Cookies, p 200
Portofignos, p 215

cookies for weekends, holidays and other celebrations
Swedish Dream Cookies, p 227
Gozinaki, p 239
Bruno’s New Year’s Waffles, p 253
Fortune Cookies, p 261
Zan’s Birthday Cookies, p 297
Macarons, p 312

the beurre & sel collection
French Vanilla Sablés, p 332
Espresso Chocolate Sablés, p 338
Mulled Wine Jammers, p 362

cocktail cookies
Hot-and-Spicy Togarashi Meringues, p 400
Chocolate-Olive Cookies, p 421
Cocoa-Cayenne Cookies, p 450