BCM (the final) LYL: Carrèment Chocolat, The Fancy Cake

Our final BCM recipe! After six years, it feels bittersweet, just like this cake. Thanks to Dorie for all the delicious inspiration, and of course, thanks to you for baking along every week. I always look forward to our Tuesdays together. xoxo

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DC: November Recipes and P&Q

Let’s stick to our regular two postings a month through the end of January and then see if we want to up them to every week after the holidays. Our November lineup…

Pain de Gênes Buttons, p 182
Cheddar-Seed Wafers, p 406

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

This post will also double as our P&Q, so if you have any questions or advice, leave it all right here!