DC LYL: Anytime Tarragon-Apricot Cookies and Crash-O-Cookies

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DC: August Recipes (Updated)

An update with our second recipe for the month…the P&Qs a few posts back will be adjusted as well.  Happy baking!

Anytime Tarragon-Apricot Cookies, pages 432-434
Crash-O-Cookies, page 365

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. You can bake and post either recipe for either week. We also have a Rewind on August 29, if there’s a recipe you missed or want to share again.

The Crash-O-Cookies are also Dorie’s own Cookies & Kindness recipe selection for August. If you post on social media (for either cookie, as a matter of fact), feel free to use the hashtag #cookiesandkindness on your pictures. Also tag them with #Dories_Cookies, #DoriesCookies and @doriegreenspan.

BCM Recipes for August

Here ya go!  Looking forward to these ;-)

Profiteroles, Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce on page 238

Double-Corn Tea Cake on page 40

We bake on the second and fourth Tuesdays, and this month we have a bonus Tuesday.  Re-wind!