BCM: Super Fabulous Videos

So, my TWD friends, we have been given a gift.  Thanks to our baker friend, Lisa Siva, we’ve been connected to an amazing baking site with Dorie videos!  We have three videos of recipes we haven’t yet made, and three more of past recipes.  These videos are open and available to us due to the generosity of Panna.  When you’re done looking at the Dorie videos, take a look around and take advantage of their free 30-day trial.  Enjoy!

BWJ February Schedule

Here’s what we’ll be making from BWJ in February:

Chocolate Ruffle Cake, pages 263-268
Buttermilk Bread, pages 85-86

Our scheduled posting dates this month are February 2 and February 16.  Feel free to post either recipe on either date to suit your baking needs.  There will be a joint P&Q to encompass both recipes.