DC: February Recipes

We have a rewind coming up this week, but here’s what’s on tap for February:

Rose-Hibiscus Shortbread Fans, pages 191-193
Valentine’s Day Share-a-Heart, pages 274-276

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  You can bake and post either recipe for either week.

** The Valentine’s Day Share-a-Heart cookies are also Dorie’s own Cookies & Kindness recipe selection for February. If you post on social media (for either cookie, as a matter of fact), feel free to use the hashtag #cookiesandkindness on your pictures. Also tag them with #Dories_Cookies, #DoriesCookies and @doriegreenspan…she will love to see how we decorate these!

DC: February Nominations

What should we tackle from Dorie’s Cookies next month?  Do you like trying to sync up with Dorie’s Cookies & Kindness selection for one of our recipes, even though sometimes we find out a little late for the first posting (or we have to slightly change gears if the recipe isn’t from DC)?  Let me know what you think and please nominate a recipe (or two, depending on how you feel about the above question) from Dorie’s Cookies, with page numbers.