DC: September Recipes

A couple good ones to ease the back-to-school blues:

Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies, page 119
Graham Cracker Cookies, page 209

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.


DC: September Nominations and News

What should we make next month– something to tuck into all those back-to-school lunch boxes?

We’ve been baking along with Dorie’s Cookies & Kindness selections each month, but she said that August’s recipe was her final “official” choice. She hopes we will continue to bake and share, of course (and keep posting any photos with the hashtag #cookiesandkindness), and this means we get to group-vote two recipes from now on. That said, there are two early C&K recipes that we did not make as a group– the Two-Bite One-Chip Cookies (page 119) and the French Snacklettes (page 165). Should we to do one this month, and maybe the other in October, to finish them off? Share your thoughts and your nominations!


DC: August Recipes (Updated)

An update with our second recipe for the month…the P&Qs a few posts back will be adjusted as well.  Happy baking!

Anytime Tarragon-Apricot Cookies, pages 432-434
Crash-O-Cookies, page 365

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. You can bake and post either recipe for either week. We also have a Rewind on August 29, if there’s a recipe you missed or want to share again.

The Crash-O-Cookies are also Dorie’s own Cookies & Kindness recipe selection for August. If you post on social media (for either cookie, as a matter of fact), feel free to use the hashtag #cookiesandkindness on your pictures. Also tag them with #Dories_Cookies, #DoriesCookies and @doriegreenspan.

BCM Recipes for August

Here ya go!  Looking forward to these ;-)

Profiteroles, Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate Sauce on page 238

Double-Corn Tea Cake on page 40

We bake on the second and fourth Tuesdays, and this month we have a bonus Tuesday.  Re-wind!