14 thoughts on “P&Q: Potato Lefse

  1. I actually have a few questions. I don’t have many of the utensils that the recipe suggests you use: potato ricer, the dowel, or the circle platform. What are you all using instead? Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have never made these or seen these :)

    • These are new to me too (they seem like tortillas). I do have a ricer, but I’m wondering if using a large holed grater would work just as well. (or pressing the potatoes through a pasta strainer.
      I don’t have a dowel, but am thinking my icing spatula would work. (or a paint stirrer)
      And I am just going to use a dish cloth to roll out the dough.
      Hopefully that all works, as these sound good!

    • I am also new to lefse and have none of the necessary tools… I am thinking chopsticks, big icing spatula, and grater might do the trick. If you have a french rolling pin, that might help with transferring the lefse. Since I do not have a flat grill, I will most probably use the cast iron skillet.

  2. It’s my first time too. Am planning to use a potato masher and the normal rolling pin. To roll it out am going to try to do it between two pieces of plastic wrap. Would also appreciate any ideas.

  3. I make lefse religiously (I am Norwegian) and a ricer makes the best choice as there is no chance of getting any lumps in the potatoes. We even use the ricer for mashed potatoes that are divine. A spatula works as do clean dish cloths washed in hot water and vinegar (rinsed well and dried) so there is no soap fragrance. Best time of the year to make lefse is in the winter or dry fall — the humidity tends to make it chewy. And if you’re making mashed potatoes for your family, make a ton and leave the extra cooked potatoes to the side for lefse.

  4. made my potatoes yesterday and finished these off this morning. it was kind of a process, but got easier as I went. I don’t have the lefse tools, so I rolled them out with my regular pin on my silpat (lots of flour!!). I have a flat crepe pan that I cooked them on, but it’s only 11″ across, a I divided my dough into 16 pieces instead of 12. the Martha Stewart video was super helpful!

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