Recipes for December

December 2: noskos of Living the Life chose Linzer Sables on pages 134-135.

December 9: Ulrike of Küchenlatein chose Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies on pages 146-147.

December 16: Heather of Randomosity and the Girl chose Buttery Jam Cookies on page 80.

December 23: Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases chose Real Butterscotch Pudding on page 386.

December 30: Anne of AnneStrawberry chose Tall and Creamy Cheesecake on pages 235-237.

Okay, I know that December is one of the busiest months of the year for alot of us. With that in mind, I am going to be extremely easy going with the participation policy in December. There are a lot of great recipes here and they will fit into the holidays nicely. So, as long as you post all recipes by December 31st, you are okay for this month. Now, if you can, please continue to post on Tuesdays. If the recipes are out of order, thats fine. We are still TUESDAYS with Dorie. Also, don’t stress if you can’t make one or two. This month is action packed in my house, I understand time contraints. Do your best. Bake on!


32 thoughts on “Recipes for December

  1. Yum Yum! I can’t wait to make the cheesecake! I haven’t made one of those in a long, LONG, time!!!!

    I am ecstatic about all of the cookie choices! WOOHOO! Bring on December and let the celebrating begin!!!

  2. Hey there all my TWD baking homies! You need to think outside the box with the pudding recipe. I have a reason for picking the Real Butterscotch Pudding. I’m planning to make a Butterscotch Cream Pie for the holidays. Remember Dorie’s Chocolate Pudding Recipe we made back on July 15th? I made Chocolate Cream Pie instead of a boring old bowl of pudding! Make a pie crust from scratch or use a graham cracker crust. Make parfaits out of them. Skip the booze. The possibilities are endless!

  3. Everything sounds great for the holidays! Can’t wait to try the cheesecake, do you think we could possibly post the cheese cake on Jan 1 so we can serve it on New Year’s Eve?

  4. Thanks for the flexibility. All of the cookies are great choices for the holidays and should fit into the baking schedule. BUT it is nice to know we have some flexibility this month.

  5. Oh I’m so excited! Without TWD I’d never try the Linzer Sables, but my 12 year old and I are going to tackle them together, so it should be fun.

    We all love sugar cookies and it’s always fun to try out new cookie recipes.

    I LOVE butterscotch and I love the idea of making a pie out of it, so I am all over that one too :)

    And of course, cheesecake is my ALL TIME favorite desert….and my 12 year old hates it, so there will be more for me (uh-oh…I think I’ll be spending a lot of time at the gym this month).

  6. Thanks so much for posting the recipes — I’m heading into town tomorrow for a pre-Thanksgiving shoppping trip, so now I can add in TWD shopping as well.

    These sound great! And thanks for letting us be flexible. It’s such a busy time of year. (And I work in retail — well, mail/phone/Web retail — so work is crazy!)

  7. I’m excited about all those cookies and I’ve never tried homemade butterscotch pudding- these sound like so much fun!

    I hope everyone likes the cheesecake. I loved the variations Dorie describes and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  8. Donna-Thanks for the tip to skip the booze in the pudding…I was worried it wouldn’t taste right if I left it out since I don’t drink. Thank you so much! I haven’t had butterscotch pudding in YEARS! I can’t wait!!!

  9. I appreciate the flexibility and would like to use my December “pass” card for November. We’re on vacation in Florida without any cooking supplies or a good oven.

    I just took all of my mom’s baking supplies since she no longer bakes. (She used to be the Banana Bread Queen of Wynmoor, Florida.) I am now ready to step up to the plate.

  10. This is an awesome selection for this month, esp cuz I will be baking cookies all month long anyway! I love linzers! And THANK YOU to the TWD powers-that-be for allowing us some leeway, with 2 colds and a multitude of other baking requirements in Nov, I was a sad sad case.

  11. I am planning on posting mine all by the 31st – have had stuff going on all the time these couple weeks.

    By the way – LOVE the new look!

    Under the Bakers section – I don’t see our link? But we are listed on the side bar?


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