P&Q: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

I have to say, I am seriously intrigued by this one.

Go to it..

45 thoughts on “P&Q: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

  1. The dough is just like the turnovers… texture, etc. (just not as sweet!). It pats out quite nicely – I have mine in the fridge, but haven’t rolled yet. Can’t wait to see how they bake up!

  2. The finished product tastes good, but when you are preparing the dough, especially if you are in a warm area, you need to chill, chill, chill – it is very soft and sticky dough. Also, any re-rolls do not look anywhere near as the first round.

    • Cakelaw, you are so right about the soft and sticky dough. I tried the method Dorie suggests for the Coconut Butter Thins (page 145) for rolling out the dough. It worked great. Makes it easy to return the rolled out dough to the fridge (or freezer) to chill. Also, have a bowl of water handy to keep your fingers and spatula moist. With this method, I used no extra flour.

      If you want to see pictures of the roll-out process, check out my post on Pink Shortbread Cookies where I used the same method. Dorie, you are a genius!

  3. When I first read the title I was thinking these would be some kind of roll, maybe a dinner roll. Then I read the recipe and see that they are cookies! I have some homemade black raspberry jam just waiting to be used. Can’t wait to try this one.

    • LOL…I thought they would be something like pancakes. I was surprised they were cookies too. I’m going to make them this weekend. Can’t to give them a try!

  4. If you are on the fence on making these, like I was, please MAKE THEM! I do not like cottage cheese. I hate cottage cheese. The texture and the taste both make me shudder. But I perservered and tried them anyways. OMG! They are so so so good. They definitely take a lot of chilling. I rolled them out, then chilled them, cut the squares, then chilled them, filled some squares, chilled the rest. I’m going to bake the rest tomorrow because other wise the entire batch will be eaten and the kids won’t get to try them.

  5. I just want to re-iterate what everyone else has said about chilling. You really want to leave yourself some time and be very patient when rolling these out and forming them. The dough gets soft really quickly and then it sticks to everything, which is so frustrating.

    I think the forming process wouldn’t be so bad as long as you leave plenty of time to chill after rolling out, before forming (and maybe halfway through forming them too). I’m thinking about an hour.

    The end result is delicious.

  6. After reading about keeping the dough chilled, I may have to pass on these at this time. The weather is still quite warm and humid where I live – it may just be too frustrating. I will wait until it is cooler. The Q&A helps so much. Thanks.

  7. We’re supposed to get a multi-day heatwave this weekend. I’ll have to hop to the store and try and get these made tonight! Thanks for all the tips regarding the dough. They sure are helpful!

  8. Trying to get back on the baking wagon…

    I’m not quite sure what Cottage cheese is. Is it like Hüttenkäse or Ricotta or something totally different?? Can you help me?

  9. I can’t wait to make the dough for these today and bake them tomorrow…..thinking of filling them with something other than jam. Hmmmm…….

  10. I just finished fighting with my pufflets. That has got to be the stickiest dough that I’ve ever dealt with, and it gets warm SO QUICKLY…as many of you have guessed. This is NOT a recipe that you can rush.

  11. These came out the way I wanted my tartlets to. So there you go. The dough was extremely sticky, and I rolled it out between sheets of waxed paper, and even then had to do some scraping. It resembled a thick cake batter more than a soft pastry dough. The line is so thin. I took them to work and they were getting a good response when someone spotted the chocolate crunched tart I had also brought and then after tasting it said that it made the turnovers taste like dirt. I’m sure that was figurative. Used gooseberry jam.

  12. I made 1/8 recipe, so here’s the math in case anyone else is similarly inclined:

    1 oz butter, 4g/1tsp sugar, bit o salt, 1 oz cottage cheese, 1/8 tsp vanilla, 25g 7/8oz or scant 4T flour. I tried the mini-prep and my stick blender, but neither worked.

    This small a qty needed to be mixed by hand. On a tip from Sarah (blueridgebaker) I drained my cottage cheese before measuring it. Mine is definitely a dough, albeit a soft one. It’s on its chill now, so we’ll see how it handles.

    • I drained my cottage cheese, too, and didn’t have problems with the dough being sticky. I did chill in between rolling and cutting, and again before filling them.

      Unfortunately, mine turned out a little burned on the bottom at ten minutes, so I recommend watching the baking time.

      • So funny about different ovens. I baked mine more than 15 minutes, and I think they could have used more time.

        I rolled mine in a zipper sandwich bag, then chilled, then cut in squares, then chilled, then filled/folded. They still looked pretty raggedy.

  13. Who in their right mind would think of such a recipe? :)

    I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to get a sheet full of little tart-like creations ready to bake! They stick to the wax paper like crazy. I resorted to freezing them to get them off (I left it rolled on the paper and then used a 2″ cutter). Maybe plastic would have been better. These had better be good. I’ve yet to fill and “turn” them. (insert smiley face here).

    What’s everyone using besides leftover jam? I though of a tiny, tiny apples/cinnamon/sugar mixture, but it’s bedtime and I’m getting tired of these already…

  14. Hi Mike. Thank you for the tips about freezing the dough. I am thinking about putting some chopped dark chocolate in half of the batch and for the other half a cream cheese and raspberry jam mixture. This all depends on if I can roll out the dough.

  15. Had the same experience, Mike. This dough is wildly sticky. The chill/freeze tips defintiely help. I did roll out on a plastic pastry mat, which I believe also helped. After all this, hope these are worth it! :)

  16. I am making these right now. The dough is so sticky. I keep adding flour just to keep it from sticking to the rolling pin. Wished I had read about ziplock bag sooner. :( I am using blackberry jam, nutella, and chopped toasted hazelnuts. All at the same time. The taste is great, but I am finding the dough so hard to work with I am not sure I would do them again. Hope to get some decent pictures.

  17. Mine are finishing baking right now. I came on to see how everyone else’s turned out. Mine are not PUFFlets, they fall flat, and sadly not much to being cookie like since the dough is so thin. More like tiny turnovers. My dough was a little hard to work with too, but a little more dusting of flour and it was ok, it warm up fast so I stuck them ready to bake in the freezer for a few mins. My bake time was more like 13-14 mins. I decided to use apricot preserves. =) They are good, but maybe more work than they are worth?

  18. The dough is definitely difficult to work with but it’s manageable in small portions. I divided mine into quarters rather than halves and it went rather well. I used chocolate ganache for most but also a few with dandelion jelly. That was really hard to work with because it just oozed out when I tried to seal the dough but was really nice once it baked up. All in all, I found it a fun kind of project. I’m glad I tried them!

  19. I planned to make this, but after reading the comments here I decided not to. They sound great, but it has rained here for the past 13 days! I figured 90% humidity would not agree with the dough. I made Dorie’s arborio rice pudding since I wasn’t a member yet when you all made it last November. I’ll give the pufflets a chance once this front moves out.

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  21. I made the Pufflets over the weekend for the first time. Delicious. I learned a lot from the experience and from reading what various people did to combat the stickiness. I will try it again in a couple of weeks for an office meeting. I am definitely keeping the recipe. And how neat is it that once you go to all the trouble of making this you can free the “ready to bake” pufflets and pull them out as needed.

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