LYL: [White Chocolate Brownies]

I have a love-hate relationship with this recipe. What about you?

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75 thoughts on “LYL: [White Chocolate Brownies]

  1. Well, I didn’t realize how undercooked they were last night. This morning I managed to get two brownies for a photo from the edge. I attempted to cook them for another 20 minutes and I’ve sort of got a warm goo brownie. I’ve got guests coming tonight and I’m going to warm the goo up again and scoop it over top of ice cream…

    The flavours are amazing even though the end results is not the elegance I was striving for…

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  3. I made these on Memorial Day. I had not read these comments! I wish I had. Mine were a soupy disaster! I do plan on trying them again. Now, I know.

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