10 thoughts on “P & Q: Chocolate Pots de Creme

  1. I’ve made these already and they turn out just fine in regular ramekins. They are delicious and I had no trouble with the recipe.

    I will note though that 300degrees is too hot for the saran wrap, so people should find another way to cover them as they cook. The saran wrap melted for me and so the tops were a slightly darker brown, but they still tasted fine.

    • I was afraid of using saran wrap for that reason. Instead I covered them loosely with tin foil and they turned out great!
      The only downside was scaling down the recipe to fit the only 2 ramekins that I own…I wanted more! :D

  2. Just FYI – when I mixed the tempered egg mixture with the chocolate, some of my chocolate solidified into little itty bitty bits. I just nuked it five seconds at a time and whisked until they melted back into the whole thing – no cooking of eggs occurred!

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