Tuesday Chatter

Did you love these muffins? Hope so!
Also, did you vote?!? Hope so!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I didn’t like them much, but in having thought about how they turned out, I might try them one more time. I’m wondering if the crumb topping would have held up better if I’d sprinkled it on toward the end of the baking time. (Course, I’m now having a “duh” moment: I used butter instead of shortening, which is probably specified because it won’t melt into the muffin the way butter does.)

  2. They were tastier than anticipated b/c of the shortening vs. butter…but even a half batch was too much for my family to eat since they weren’t that great as leftovers.

  3. Not a fan. I baked them in a jumbo muffin pan, so perhaps that contributed to the sinking that occurred. (Though I use this pan all the time for other muffins….!) I thought the flavor was okay overall. Not bad, just nothing superb!

    I’ll try again another time. I just expected more Wow. :)

  4. I actually really liked them, but they are very similar to my great-grandma’s coffee-cake that I grew up with, so maybe some nostalgia is accounting for that! Now, off to write up my post!

  5. I used the butter flavored Crisco and they were yummy. Shouldn’t have used a muffin tin as they overflowed and were impossible to get out without butchering. So mine were yummy, but not pretty!

  6. Anyone else having trouble leaving your link?? I can’t get on the page for some reason. It keeps coming up with an error message that prevents me from doing anything. Any suggestions?? If anyone can leave my link I would be very grateful! Just bummed out here….

  7. Another “not a fan.” The crumb topping sank into the muffin (I used shortening, as specified in the recipe) and the muffins completely tore apart when I tried to get them out of a well-greased muffin pan. But they were tasty, and leftovers were good warmed in a toaster oven. I used a #16 ice cream scoop, and got 18 muffins.

  8. I added black walnuts to half the batch and my family flipped over them! I used butter flavor Crisco and 3 T butter to make up the 2/3 cup. They turned out beautiful. Neighbors received half the batch so the family is asking “when are we getting them again!” I got 16 nice size muffins. I’ll make them again, by request! :)

  9. I found these to be SUPER easy but resulted in a “just OK” muffin. I think the shortening needs to be swapped out with butter or olive oil for better flavor….I would maybe use this as a base and start adding in lots of goodies (dried fruit, spices, fresh fruit, chocolate)….but then that would be a totally different recipe :)

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