Exciting news!

Dear Fans of Dorie,

We have some very exciting news to share with you!  On October 28, Houghton Mifflin will release Dorie’s newest book, Baking Chez Moi.  Starting November 11, we’ll be baking along!  This is a wonderful new book filled with sweet treats for all occasions.


As in the past, twice a month we’ll be baking a recipe from the book.  Recipes are nominated, the names and page numbers are posted, and on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, you’ll blog about what you’ve baked.  We’ll continue to have a link post, a Tuesday Chatter post, and a Q & A post.  There are no registrations, minimums, or rules.  We only ask that you don’t post the recipe.  We want to support Dorie and have as many people as possible purchase her book.

Pre-orders are available.  Please follow the link to order yours!  (http://www.hmhco.com/shop/books/Baking-Chez-Moi/9780547724249)

As an added bonus, we’ve been given some special goodies to give away.  Details to follow, so make sure you check back here often!

We’re very much looking forward to Baking Chez Moi and hope you are as excited as we are.

Bake on,

Laurie, Jules, and Steph


55 thoughts on “Exciting news!

  1. I preordered the book last March and am soooo excited that it will finally be in my hands this month! My friends are also looking forward to sampling the many new baked goods I’ll have to offer. Yay!!

  2. Hooray! I’m so excited to join the group, and thank you for organizing! I pre-ordered my copy months ago,…and I am super excited to MEET Dorie in person here in MA in November! Happy baking!

  3. Oh this is going to be fun! I can’t wait to join and start baking! I found this through a friend and then realized I actually follow a lot of the posters on twitter — I shall have to add you all to my blogroll too! Can’t wait to get the book and start baking!

  4. I live in London and was wondering how I could participate! I tried to pre-order my copy, but the link posted in the article appears to be US only. Any ideas/ advice on what I need to do to bake along?

  5. I’ve got mine ordered and am excited to join in. As I’m in Colorado Springs, we’ll have someone baking the recipes at altitude. Anyone else at 6500 feet or above??

  6. I’m excited about the new book! I must admit that I am a BWJ dropout. I really enjoyed the year I spent with BWJ, but life just got too hectic. I’ve preordered my book and am looking forward to baking along again. I love BFMHTY, but didn’t find out about this group until you were at the end of the book.

  7. Hi y’all – many moons ago l belonged to the original TWD crowd – but dropped out (and deleted my old blog, unfortunately)…. anyway, I started a new blog about two years ago and would love to join back into the baking group with Dorie’s new book – which I have already pre-ordered and can’t wait to receive! Please let me know what I need to do to join in – my old blog was My Baking Adventures, and my new one is Megan’s Sweet Life (meganssweetlife.com)

    Megan :)

  8. So looking forward to getting the new book! I’ve made a couple of the recipes that are out there already and it’s making me excited for this new venture to begin. :)

  9. I’ve enjoyed Dorie’s books for years and never knew about TWD until I preordered Baking Chez Moi a couple weeks ago. I’m in and am really looking forward to joining the group on Nov. 11th!

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