New Members

Please welcome our newest bakers!

Ivette of The Baker’s Apprentice

JoelEn of JoelEn’s Culinary Adventures

Katy of Alphabet Soup

Lorelei of Mermaid Sweets

Dragana of Prijatno!

Sarina of TriniGourmet

Liz of Savory Spicy Sweet

Chris of Pantry Raid

Cynthia of Bakingtherapist

Becky of BeckyJean’s Blog

Lola of Lola’s Artistic Endeavors

Jennifer of Baking and Dogs

Caroline and Claire of Bake with Us

Elizabeth of Count It All Joy!

Kendi of Kitchen Adventures

Janet of Enchanted Kitchen

Brianne of Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen

Pollyanna of Reclaiming Pollyanna

Carey of My 3 Wonders

Mike of Living Out West

Chris of Our House in the Middle of the Street

Jennifer of keep passing the open windows

Mary of Secret Server

Robin of The Unrepentant Carbivore

Kimberly of Music and Cats

Michele of Striped Tail’s Veggie Num Nums

Cynthia of Nini’s Kitchen

Aida of Sweetie Mama’s Bittersweet

Amy of my famous recipe

Sara of imafoodblog

If you do not see your name listed here and sent me an email before January 1st, please check your email. I had quite a few people who did not reply with their blog name and address. I need the URL to add you!

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18 thoughts on “New Members

  1. Thanks fellow TWD bakers and Laurie! Could you please correct my name – JoelEn of JoelEn’s Culinary Adventures? Thanks so much and can’t wait to bake with everyone in the weeks to come! :)

  2. Welcome to everyone!

    On the subject of corrections, the links above for “Baking with Dogs” and “Living Out West” go to the wrong blogs — but the ones over on the side of this site are correct.

  3. See my cornbread casserole recipe on my blog. It is a nice alternative to the muffins. If you put it in a large pyrx, it come out more like a read than a casserole…very good!

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