Meme #12

Going back to childhood here – what’s your favorite food associated memory from when you were a kid?  Was it the smell of cookies at Grandma’s house?  The popcorn that your mom always burnt a little bit before movie night?  Share, please.

3 thoughts on “Meme #12

  1. When I was six or seven, back in the dark ages, we didn’t have central air conditioning or window units. Summer evenings in Chicago could be brutal. (They still can be, but now I crank up the cool) I remember trying to sleep in a stifling bedroom and never being able to get comfortable. One particular night, my dad gathered us all up in the kitchen at about 11:00 and made chocolate milk shakes for my brother, sister, and me. It was a sweet, cool respite on a very hot summer night. Just about any time I have a milkshake now, chocolate in particular, I remember that evening and smile.

  2. I wish you could hear my voice when I say it, but growing up, we’d have dinner at my grandma’s house and she was called Grandma Tiny because she was only 4’9″. She always made a cake or something yummy for dessert (pink frosted angel food cake comes to mind as one), but if we weren’t eating our dinner, she’d always say in such a sweet, but serious voice, “No cake”. We always made sure to eat enough to get those desserts!

  3. I used to love Sunday lunch at Mum’s – when I was around 10, I used to come home from Sunday School, watch Barbara Woodhouse (as I was going to be a dog vet!), then tuck into roast meat (usually chicken) and veges. The smell was devine, and chubby greedy little me could barely wait.

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