Woo hoo!

201 bakers in our group so far!  Actually, 201 blogs and about 210 bakers.  So exciting!  If you didn’t catch Dorie on NPR yesterday, here is a link to her interview.  She was amazing!


Lots of questions in the “join-up” e-mails.  How about asking them here as well?  I know someone else out there has the same question!

34 thoughts on “Woo hoo!

  1. I can’t wait to start baking with all of you. I’m glad it’s only two Tuesdays because I hope I don’t gain a ton of weight. The recipes for February look scrumptious and I already went out and bought my tartlet pans at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  2. Wow 201 bakers! I think this is the largest baking group I’ve seen online :) I can’t wait to start!

    BTW, is the goal to bake every recipe from this book?

  3. uh-oh I signed up for a blog but I don’t want to write I just want to bake along with all of you and read about your experiences..so how do a I follow along..I hope some very patient person out there can give a little advice on how to read your blogs

    • I’m new this round, but I think if you “follow” this blog you will be notified what’s happening. Looking at the last group, they posted an LYL (list your link) post where everyone gives a link to there personal blog. Blogging is addictive and fun!! Give it a try : )

  4. I wish my book were here already!
    I think in addition to posting my baking, I might also post how many miles I’ve run that particular week….I have no intention of gaining weight during this project! I’m sure the teachers at my kids schools are going to enjoy some yummy treats!

  5. Hi everyone. Well, I think I’m in, but I’m confused because I did not receive a login…I’m testing this comment post to see if entering my email, name and website serve as credentials for posting comments and links. (I also signed up for French Fridays and that group has user login credentials.)

    Here’s to ramping up exercise! :)

  6. Should we still include Tuesdays with Dorie in our post titles, or should it be Baking with Julia instead? Is the group name changing, or are we still TWD?

  7. I just sent you an email … And how do i know that i am in the list of bloggers/bakers that can host …. !!!!! will i be notified??? I understand the only thing I have to do is bake along and post it on my blog on tuesday Right???

  8. We have not put up the list of bakers yet. We will do so the week we start. Right now, we* are doing our best to get all the bakers into an orderly list. *By we, I mean Jules is. I am a slacker. Sorry Jules.

  9. Hi Everyone! So excited to be a part of the baking but nervous about the blogging and how to post. I have started my first blog to be a part of this but what exactly do you mean about “listing your link” or “linking to the host”?? I need some help :) Thank you!!

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