Nerd Update

So now we are up to 258 blogs with about 270 bakers.  We’re still missing folks from nine states (DE, KS, MI, MT, NE, NM, ND, WV, and WY).  Countries with bakers outside the US include Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Austria, and India!  Our youngest baker (that I know of) is nine.  Our first recipe posts in two weeks!


21 thoughts on “Nerd Update

  1. I love that people of all ages from all over the world are participating.

    My book just arrived two days ago and I cannot wait to bake the bread this weekend! I love the smell of fresh baked homemade bread.

  2. I baked my loaves for the second time yesterday, and they turned out even better than the first! My 5 year old said, “Mommy, why are you always taking pictures of your FOOD???” Hahahaha!

  3. I am sooooo excited to get started! I have been drooling over the recipes in the book since I got it and I can’t wait!

    Are we going to have a flickr group, too? That would be fun! I saw there was one for the last round and the photos there are amazing.

  4. I just signed up! I am from Michigan so it’s now represented! I am slightly late to the party. If I make the white bread should I post it even though the official Tuesday has passed? How does that work? I’ll be on time with the chocolate tarts :).

  5. Greetings from far far away….the scent of your fabulous baking reached Switzerland!

    I’d like to sign-up (I’ve sent a request yesterday) but the only blog I write
    is on Facebook. Would you accept me?
    Thank you and congratulations on your great idea!

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