What did you make this month?  Leave some chatter with your link if you’d like.  Did you re-make a favorite?  Did you try something new?  Do tell!


36 thoughts on “Rewind!

  1. I’ve remade the bagels but this time using my soudough.
    First I had to convert it into a liquid sourdough and then I made them.
    It has taken a long time form them to rise and be ready to be baked but it was worth it.
    The post is not up yet, but hope to be finish by tonight or tomorrow…in the meantime I just go back and enjoy another bagel…

    If you are a soudough lover (in the bagels you don’t taste the sourdough at all!)
    please come back!…if you are not a sourdough lover, come back anyway :-)

    In the last weeks, I’ve must have gone through all the blogs that posted the LYL Bagels link (if by any mistake I did not visit yours, please contact me and I’ll be delighted to come and see your bagels).

    What I’ve noticed and made me a bit sad, is that the “last LYLs” often (if not always) get the less comments and visits.

    This is such a pity.
    Could we do something about it?

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    • Unfortunately, your comments feature is not activated on your blog. Loved your post. The addition of tahini and seeds is intriguing, and we would love to try that as well. Welcome to the TWD group.

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