BCM P & Q: Chocolate Cherry Brownies

Have you made these before? Do you have a tip to share? Do you have a question? Ask away!

14 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Chocolate Cherry Brownies

  1. I just used water and it worked fine. I also heated them in the microwave and the recipe turned out fine. My only recommendation is to bake them on the longer side. I did 27 minutes and they were super gooey and difficult to get out of the pan.

  2. Mine took a little over 40 minutes to bake (8″ pan). They set up nicely and sliced easily with a hot knife after chilling in the fridge.

  3. I did about 30 minutes and they were not completely set when I pulled them. Now that they’re cool they are very fudgy. I think if I had let them bake a little longer they would probably be cakier.

  4. Mine were very gooey too, but I loved it that way. Should have chilled them for an easier cut. Oh well.

  5. I used kirsch instead of red wine. Baked mine for 35 minutes, left it to cool overnight, and sliced the next day. The brownies are very moist, fudgy and so chocolaty, they were really yummy! And I’ve added a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the batter.

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