6 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Chocolate Covered Toffee Break Ups

  1. I made this recipe last fall and it was quite yummy. The note I wrote on the page in the book was to try it with good milk chocolate. That’s what I plan to do this time.

  2. I have just made this (it’s cooling now) and had a couple of notes:
    1. I am not sure you need to butter the parchment that you put the butter on – it seemed VERY greasy and it was hard to wipe that grease off before you put the chocolate on.
    2. You DO need to work hard to get the toffee spread as soon as you pour it on the tray. Also, because of the butter, it was very hard to spread (it kept sliding) but I worked “purposefully” and it was ok.
    3. I didn’t use all the nuts – probably around 1 3/4 cups.
    4. I am thinking I need to make this plain (so no nuts in toffee) for holiday gifts.

    I can’t wait to eat it!!

  3. I do not have a silent but am at my sister in law’school house and she has one so I may just borrow it for the challenge!

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