BWD LYL: English Muffins or Apple Pandowdy

Which did you go for this time? If you’re holding off baking until later in the week, no worries, but here’s the place to leave a link to your blog post! 

If you post to Instagram, please don’t forget to tag @doriegreenspan, #bakingwithdorie and #tuesdayswithdorie so she (and we) can all see.

FYI: November is a month with a fifth Tuesday, so next week will be an optional “Rewind Week.” This means you can make up a missed recipe (I know there haven’t yet been many), share something you’ve baked from any of Dorie’s other books, or just sit the week out. Happy US Thanksgiving!


14 thoughts on “BWD LYL: English Muffins or Apple Pandowdy

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