BWD: September Nominations (and a question)

Please leave two nominations for September here. Also, do you want to keep our BWD posting schedule to the second and fourth Tuesdays, or switch over to the first and third (our former DC weeks)? I’m mostly asking because some of us also participate in Cook the Book Fridays, which posts on the second and fourth weeks as well. Let me know if you prefer to switch it up or keep it as-is– thanks!!


10 thoughts on “BWD: September Nominations (and a question)

  1. Hi Steph, funny you should mention this (posting days) – was just looking at my publishing calendar for Aug/ Sept and Oct and notice that while CtBF does publish on 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, it’s not always in the same week (because of the way dates work) so I think we can just go ahead and leave it – less confusion (and prob Dorie is coming out with another book sometime that we can work through LOL!).

    Yes to the Scones pudding (and thanks for the reminder about the leftover scones!) !

  2. Thanks for asking Steph! I am fine with leaving it the way it is since we are already use to it. I am hoping there will be another cookbook to add to our rotation at some point, and that can take the place of the cookies!
    Yes, to the Scone Pudding…as I took your suggestion and used my leftovers to make it 😃

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