Would you prefer to continue on the 2nd and 4th weeks from now on? We have been using the 1st and 3rd weeks forever, not taking into account last month.

Let me know what you think and we will adjust the schedule accordingly from now on.


13 thoughts on “Scheduling

  1. I just thought we were supposed to post every two weeks, not that it was the first and third or second and fourth, but now that you say it it’s true that we’ve been doing it like that, I really don’t mind whatever everybody prefers

  2. It does seem like a quick turn around for February but maybe it is because we pushed it back for January. I don’t think it really matters which rotation 1/3 or 2/4 the problem is just that we are already posting again tomorrow. I think we just got thrown off for this month.

  3. Either way is fine with me. Although, I do agree it is nice to have a 3rd Tuesday from time to time to rewind.

    I think the tricky part that last couple of months was the recipe announcements have come a bit too close to posting day, which makes it hard for people to plan ahead.

    Even though we got a jump start in the nominations for February, it wasn’t announced until just the week before.

    Also, I just noticed right now (after I returned from the grocery with ingredients for the cheesecake) the recipe dates were switched. Not a big deal, but had I not checked, I would have been backwards.

  4. I am fine with either option. Like everyone else, I just like advance notice so I can pick up ingredients. And having the P&Q’s up a week before really helps, as there are good tips from bakers.
    Perhaps we should be planning for two months (or more) ahead of time, rather than just one month. (that way we may not feel so rushed)

  5. I’m easy, whatever works for all of you. The worst thing to happen, is I post late. I do like having the P&Q posts. Maybe they can be posted at the same time the recipes are announced – for those of us that like to make the recipes in advance?

  6. I like the 2 & 4 option as I have other blogging commitments that land on the first week. That is why I’m sitting out on tomorrow’s TwD as I have another monthly post scheduled that same day. But I’ll go with what ever most prefer.

  7. either way is fine with me. my only request, that we get a month ahead in the scheduling process to give everyone the chance to make each recipe. the last couple months have cut it rather close and not given much time for completing the recipe in time. with this idea, we should be planning march’s picks now so that by the time the middle of february arrives, we already know what we will be doing next. more time available may translate to more participants and more posts to share.

  8. I am going to push the recipe for tomorrow back until next week. I will leave the 2nd recipe scheduled as planned. That does mean back to back weeks for this month only. March nominations will go up tomorrow and will be posted the following week. P&Qs will also be posted for both recipes as well. 1st and 3rd weeks from now on since that’s what we have always done. Thanks.

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