TWD: The New Book

Here we go folks… Dorie’s new book, Around My French Table, is right around the corner.  If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, go do that now. Right now..

Okay, with that done, let’s continue. I started thinking today about a TWD spin-off for the new book. TWD: The New Book… TWD: AMFT… TWD: The Legend Continues, etc…

I have briefly discussed a spin-off with Dorie and she has so graciously given us her blessing. Woohoo! I love her so.

The sequel is just in the beginning stages. A lot of decisions will need to be made. I have learned a thing or 2 about running a group in the past 2 years. The most important thing I have learned is, it is hard to go it alone. (To all my former helpers of TWD, I thank you, and to the last lady standing, CB, I heart you.) Therefore, I am asking for help. Anyone interested in being staff for the new group, comment on this post.

Much love my baking army, let the saga continue,


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25 thoughts on “TWD: The New Book

  1. My offer to help out still stands.

    I have a ton of questions, as usual, but will wait patiently (!) for more info about this new and mysterious group…

  2. I’d love to help, although I have no idea what it would involve. And I’d love to join in! Can I? I know you were closed to new members, any space now?!

  3. Dear Sweet TWDers — you’re all so wonderful. I can’t tell which I’m more excited about: the release of the new book (why does it take so long?) or the prospect of everyone cooking along. Thank you so much! xoDorie

  4. I would love to help and get a high when creating and working with spreadsheets, weird, I know! It is probably the accountant/auditor within me :)

  5. I am cheerfully willing to help out. We made a few recipes from AMFT for a French picnic lunch at the big book convention 2 weeks ago and it was a huge success. People were calling the salted butter breakups “salted butter crack”. I think the mice were dissapointed that there not even crumbs left!

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